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I'll eventually get to the post I'm supposed to be writing, stuff just keeps coming up. Too many distractions. Damn, I'm still finding it hard to get used to single spacing after periods. I was taught to double space but I guess that's the new steez. Or whatever. Anyway, see what I mean, ANY-WAY. I should probably do my yearly New Year's Eve/Day round up. Where do I begin?

I had to pull a few strings so that I would get NYE and NYD off from work. That really sucked hard this year. I haven't had to work during the holidays for years. It made me sad that Melissa was at home and I had to go off to work, some thirty miles away. Ridiculous. But enough about that, I got the time off, did my time at work and I was ready for action.

I know a lot of my friends came in on the 30th but I hadn't heard from anyone even though I had touched base with everyone a few days earlier. It was all good though, I knew that Wade and Jenny were probably doing touristy things downtown and that some of the others probably had plans. The 30th came and went and we didn't do anything.

New Year's Eve came along and we all eventually made our way to Wicker Park. Brent curespider and Jessi were already there, Wade, Jenny, Todd, and Brandon were on their way. We all met up and hung out for a bit before making our way to the venue. As we approached Sub-T the crowd seemed a little "off" to me. Some people were way too dressed up for an H show. I shrugged it off and huddled with everyone else for warmth. I started to see the usual familiar faces. Syd, his girlfriend, I think I saw Sandman, and a few others. Surprisingly absent were Melissa G., Bela, Todd and a few others. A bunch of people were also missed like Grace, Jon, Amy, Stine and Kris. Another shock was that Dewey was actually there. It was cool that he made it after all.

The line started moving and I realized that there were actually two parties going on, one upstairs and one downstairs. That explained the obviously different crowds. Wade brought his usual Christmas present but he had a bad feeling about it this year. He thought he'd get caught for sure. I guess the bouncer shook the box, totally realized it was booze, but didn't take it away. Good times.

We went upstairs for a while and lounged. The bathrooms upstairs were strange. There were two doors both with big W's on them. Umm...where's the one for the men? I thought to myself before finding out it was in another room. For a second I thought the restrooms were for "whites only". Heh. Scott DJ'ed before the opening band, Kung-Fu Grip. They were pretty decent. At some point the camera's started flashing, the booze started flowing, and the beer googles came out. We busted out the bottle of Buffalo Trace and started hitting it hard. Brent and I probably drank the majority of it. At some point Wade got into it with another patron over an incident. I won't get into the details but it was amusing. They settled it and nothing happened but for the rest of the night Brent and I kept slamming Wade into him. That too was amusing.

Local H started the set with Sports Bar. It's pretty much my favorite song and I knew that the night was going to be great. They played a good set and before we knew it, the show was over. We made our way out, said our good-byes and headed out the door. Wade and Jenny kind of disappeared into the night. Now that I think about it, so did Brandon and Todd. Maybe I was just so hammered I don't remember where they went. I was pretty buzzed. I hadn't felt like that in a long time and I gotta say, it felt good.

I guess Brent and Jessi didn't have anywhere to stay for the night, Brent had mentioned it before and I had told him that he could stay with us if he didn't have anywhere to go. I kind of forgot about it but thankfully someone mentioned it to Melissa and she offered as well. Communication just breaks down sometimes, heh. So we all headed back here and I was acting a fool yelling out the window. Thank God Melissa knows how much of a dork I am. We got back here and hit the hay. Oh apparently I kept shushing the dogs. "Shhhhhhh". Heh.

That was New Year's Eve. Another great show, another good time with good friends. People were missed, but life goes on.

I woke up pretty early considering. My ears were still ringing and I couldn't hear shit but other than that I was fine. I ended up making a run to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts. It was pretty funny because no one was out, but DD was pretty busy. It was full of hungover people buying craploads of donuts and bagels. We had breakfast, hung around the crib for a while, and after giving Brent and Jessi a ride north I just chilled. After some phone calls and texting we deciding on hitting Duffy's for our yearly New Year's Day meet-up. The same people showed up at Chipmunk's. (we ate there before hitting the bar) Brent, Jessi, Todd, Brandon, Wade, Jenny joined me and Melissa. Stine actually showed up as well and we made our way to the bar. Many libations were had and more food was consumed. Some people even danced on stage and believe it or not, crank that superman was performed. It was another great night but unfortunately I had to be at work in the morning. Todd and Brandon also had a plane to catch, even though it was delayed. We said our good-byes once again and looked forward to next time we'd all hang out.

I really have fun when these cats are in town, it's a shame that we see each other so rarely. Then again, maybe that's what makes it fun. We'd probably get sick of each other if we hung out more often. Hopefully Local H will release their new album, sooner rather than later, and give these guys another excuse to kick in the Chi.

So that about wraps it up. Good times were had by all. Screw the haters. I was initially upset that certain people weren't going to make it. Everyone's so busy these days. Jobs, family, or just laziness. Everyone's got an excuse, some are legit, others not so much. It disappoints me that I don't see people very often or that something always comes up, but I'm learning to get over it and not take things so seriously. It's also frustrating to try to include everyone and to make sure everyone knows they feel welcomed. It also sucks trying to get everyone on the same page sometimes. Every year I say that I won't do it next year but I usually do end up taking the lead. It just doesn't seem to be worth the trouble sometimes. Maybe next year I'll just deal with the few people I know won't let me down. Some people are just meant to be there at certain moments in your life. Some moments wouldn't be the same if they happened on different days with different people. In the end everyone makes up their own priorities and if I'm not one of them. So be it. Just don't complain and whine about not being able to make it or whatever. Just like me, if you want something or want to be somewhere, you make it happen.

Make it happen people.

-Local G
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