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The Master Plan

It just hit me this morning. We're on the road to a glorious America. Check it out...

Gasoline is going to get so high that we're going to have to start walking everywhere, so that means that overweight Americans will eventually have to start losing weight. Not to mention the impact on our environment. Al Gore will be proud!

If the dollar keeps falling, other countries will start outsourcing to us! USA! USA! Unemployment will be down to zero in no time!

Immigration? Hmmph. If things keep going the way they are people will be running for the border, but in the other direction. That'll save us money on building that wall and on border patrols. The minutemen won't have anything to do!

The war on drugs. Well with our awesome health care, hopefully most crack/meth/dope heads will od and have no one to save them. AIDS, cancer, the War in Iraq (Iran coming soon!!) and other diseases will thin us out enough so that our population goes down to a reasonable level.

Wow, I just wish we could vote him in for another term.

America Rules!!!
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