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I was finally off over the weekend. I don't think I've had a weekend off since before Thanksgiving. That's nuts. Anyway, I made the most of it. Friday we went out to the good ol' Dixie Kitchen. God that place is awesome. I had spent the morning/afternoon watching a couple of movies,  Kentucky Fried Movie and The Simpsons Movie. If you haven't seen Kentucky Fried Movie, well I can't exactly recommend it, but everyone should see it at once in their lives. Preferably under the influence of alcohol or some other substance. It's from 1977 and it is downright offensive, rude, and at times appalling. Still, it's pretty f'ing funny at times. Brent, if you haven't seen it, I think you'd love it. But I digress, that was pretty much Friday.

Saturday we had our usual weekend morning breakfast from Medici's on 57th. Mmm. Their croissants are unbelievable. Later on in the afternoon we watched Superbad. Good times. I think we had burritos for dinner and we spent the rest of the night playing Monopoly and vegging out. Wait, I think it was Friday when I whupped some ass at Monopoly, eh, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you get all the airports, that's the secret.

Today, we had breakfast here, hit the park with the dogs for a while, and then headed downtown to watch Juno. Juno was really good. I was glad it lived up to the hype. I liked the way it was shot and Michael Cena is becoming one of my favorite young actors, hell, I've thought he was good since I knew him as George Michael, heh. Juno's character reminded me of Natalie Portman in Garden State at times. I don't know. Long story short, I liked the movie. It had been a long time since I'd gone to the movies. The last thing I saw on the big screen was Gone Baby Gone, but today reminded me of why I probably haven't.

Parking downtown (with validation) $16.00
Two tickets around noon $15.00+
Popcorn, pop, and candy $15.00

Good lord, how am I ever going to afford taking the kids out to a show? At least I don't feel so bad about dropping money at the bar now. Geez. *sighs* I remember when I spent money without even thinking about it, damn responsibilities.

One the way home we hit Target and picked up some Subway. The rest of the night was spent watching TV, The Simpsons were awesome tonight by the way. Ah the 90's...

I guess that's about it, maybe tomorrow I'll finally get to my big New Year's post.

About a month late.

I rule.
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