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Where was I?

Lent starts tomorrow, I still haven't decided exactly what I want to do. I'll probably do the same ol', same ol' and give up drinking, but I feel like I want to do something else as well. I've STILL got to write out my goals/resolutions and start working on them. I wanted to make that post today but I've been busy with wedding stuff and work crap. This weather is taking a toll as well, it'd be nice if I could stay in all day but the dogs have to be walked. Even if we don't have to work or don't need anything from the outside, we still have to brave it. But it's okay, I wouldn't trade Chicago for anything. Even with the crazy weather.

Note to self: remember to msg Irma about the days off I need and remember to check accounts. Write about wedding stuff.

I guess I'll just try to do nothing tomorrow until I decide what I'm giving up or what I'm specifically doing.

Anyway, have a good night everyone.

(PS - I love tags but I'm so OCD about them. For example, I have a "weddings" tag, but should I include our wedding stuff in it, or make a separate tag? Decisions, decisions. The Super Bowl is another example. Should I tag it "Super Bowl", "Football", or "Sports"? Or all three?),
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