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2.14.08 2.14.08
My NIU Hat

I probably don't have to post any links. It's all over the news. I'm glad that my friends there are safe, and I'm saddened about the lives that were lost. It is so surreal to see the campus on national TV, to know that I sat in that same hall and in those seats. I'm not going to get melodramatic and I'm not going to ask what else can be done. The truth is, the country's fucked up, what can you do? These incidents are almost like natural disasters or acts of God. Not "acts of God" per se, but you get what I mean, they really can't be prevented. I don't know, it's a lot to wrap my head around. I don't know what else to say...I'm glad you guys are alright.

Much love and God Bless,

Tags: death, news, school, v-day

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