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I guess it is better to be like I've been doing last few days. laying low...not like anyone's talking to me, or leaving me mail anyway...makes you think...if you I was gone would most people even notice?

Anyway, I've been seeing this on a lot of people's journals so here goes...

Load all your MPs, put random on, and list your first 15:

1) Woodchopper's Ball - Ronnie Neuman
2) Starshines - 311
3) Se Vende Un Caballo - Vicente Fernandez
4) Bound For The Floor (Australia) - Local H
5) Stank Ass Hoe - Cypress Hill
6) The Lions and the Cucumber - The Vampire Sound Inc.
7) Kronologik - Cypress Hill
8) Please Sir - Pitchshifter
9) The Gas Face - 3rd Bass
10) Christmas in the City - Mary J. Blige with Angie Martinez
11) Only God Can Judge Me - 2Pac
12) Change The World - The Offspring
13) Rub A Dub - 311
14) Domino's in the House - Domino
15) The Fade Away - Suicide Machines

When it first came up I wanted a do-over lol. 311 and Cypress came up twice, I have no idea about the Lions song, (it's form the Jackie Brown soundtrack) and Woodchopper's shouldn't count, it's like 17 seconds...but as I was copying list to journal I realized it's a pretty good selection.

Local's in there along with Cypress and they are my two favorite bands. Suprised no Bjork, Gravity Kills, RATM, or NIN came up. 2Pac is representing, a lil' Pitchshifter, and the Suicide Machines. How the hell did Domino and 3rd Bass sneak in? As you can probably tell I listen to a little of everything.

Whatever, I might be back on later, if not have a good night.

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