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Hmm...should this be a holiday post? Eh, I'm less and less motivated to write these days. I wrote in my MySpace blog the other day, it was my 100th post, and I didn't get a single reply. So sad. I know that it shouldn't matter, but still, I think that an audience, large or small, tends to give you some motivation. Anyway, maybe my motivation will change in April since I'll be doing Script Frenzy, if not there's always my "Everyday in May" routine.

Let's see, my baby was on spring break all week so we took care of a lot of wedding related stuff. I'll elaborate on that at some point. We also visited our friends Julie and Mark, they're finally home from the hospital with their new baby girl, Mildred Jane! She was born on Good Friday, she was like friggin' nine pounds. Melissa held her and she looked so cute, until 'Dred started crying. That's my nickname for her, Dred, heh. We visited my mom at work this morning and she had an Easter basket for us. Melissa also got me an Easter basket, it was shaped like a football and some of the candy was orange and navy blue, Chicago Bears colors of course. She's the best. We also watched Horton Hears a Who, which was surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because I'm not much of a Dr. Seuss fan.

We've also had every type of food imaginable this week. Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Chinese, Irish, Greek, American, well...I guess not every type, but still, not too shabby. Three Happiness in Chinatown, Mullen's (Rogers Park and Wrigleyville), Garcia's, Connie's, Hyde Park Gyros, Cedar's, and probably a few others I'm forgetting. We didn't go anywhere, other than Indiana, but it was a good break nonetheless. We got a lot of things taken care of.

I just saw this on the news and it pissed me off. If I was there I would've probably punched them in the throat. Who cares if I got arrested, I know it doesn't sound too "christian" or whatever, but there were kids in there. A-holes. Damn hipsters need to stay in Wicker Park, heh. Not that I'm the greatest Catholic around, but if this had happened in a mosque or a temple it would probably be a hate crime. I think it still should be, lock these fools up in Guantanamo too. It's a form of terrorism, scaring people, innocent people and kids, to prove a point. Whatever.

Okay, that's enough from me, I hope you guys had a pleasant Easter.

Go Cubs.

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