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Birthday Magic

Although I'm not really in the mood right now, I figured I'd better put this up before I forget. There's been so many time as of late that I want to touch on something, make a point, or write something that I want to remember but I keep putting it off. I put it off to the point that I eventually forget about it.

Anyway I had a pretty good weekend, dare I say it was almost the best birthday ever. Heh. Friday (3.28) was pretty chill, I hung out with my cousins, hit Best Buy, and went out to lunch with them. On Saturday (3.29) we pretty much took it easy, we watched I Am Legend, bummed around the house and had take out. Sunday (3.30) aka my "fake birthday" was another good day. My family came over and we had dinner, Melissa did a real good job of baking a cake and getting everything for dinner. My nephew came over and I had him play with Sparky for a while, luckily Sparky is great with small children. Dotty...not so much.

I got clothes from my parents and one of my aunts, my other aunt got me the Star Wars Vault, which is AWESOME. My sister picked me up Beowulf on DVD, sweet. You know me and movies. Last, but definitely not least, my baby got me a friggin' XBOX 360 ELITE!!!

I'm a lucky guy, what can I say. I guess she was trying to find the Wii and couldn't find it. It's funny because she had dropped hints about it and I had a feeling that's what I was going to get, but then she'd say something else and I'd totally be like wtf? Anyway, it was really nice of her and I really appreciated it.

She took Monday (3.31) off to spend the day with me. We did some shopping, I picked up the Star Wars Lego game for the 360 and the wifi adapter. Don't get me started about configuring the wirless network at home, I finally finished it yesterday. But I digress, we had Garcia's for lunch and then hit Rush street for a while. The Puma store is awesome but they didn't have the ones I wanted. That always happens to me, I buy a pair of Pumas and by the time I wear them out they don't have them anymore. It happened to me with the Californias and now my red Suedes, I'll have to buy two of the next pair I like. So we went home after that and that pretty much did it for my Birthday Magic.

Or so I thought.

Tuesday (4.1) I already wrote about, I pulled a couple of jokes and I tried to round up a controller, Madden, and Guitar Hero from my brother. I ended up taking the old XBox and a lot of old games to trade in. I figured I'd buy myself another game for the 360, pre-order GTA IV, or buy my baby a pink wireless controller. As usual I casually asked if they had a Wii in stock, I was shcoked to hear that they in fact, DID have a Wii in stock.  Crap.

My plans went out the window. It was either a cruel April's Fool Day joke or a sign, I had to pick it up.

I'm so glad I did, and even Melissa liked it, we ended up playing Wii Sports for a couple of hours. It was funny, at one point Mel was playing Wii Boxing and as she was giving the guy body blows she accidentally nailed Sparky. It was the funniest. moment. ever.

I guess that's about it, we hit Mullen's last night, but I'll get into that later. Thanks to everyone for their wishes and support, 32 years

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