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Always thinking...

Wish my brain had an off switch sometimes. That's why I love movies, and video games to an extent. It's almost like I have an addiction of sorts, hard to explain, but let me try. When I'm not busy, or preoccupied, focused if you will, I start thinking...and thinking, and, you guessed it. Thinking. It's usually a bad thing. So I have to escape, and I guess the only thing that truly gets me away is a good movie. I use the term "good movie" loosely because I can watch almost anything and find something I like about it. I know I can probably explain this better but I'm tired.

I went out with my brother to the guitar store. Whatever it's called, anyway, he kicks ass at guitar, my dad, my uncles, him, they're all pretty good. Self taught too, but I guess he's taking classes at school now. Anyway, I've always wanted to learn more, to take it seriously, but I have way too much going on. The last thing I need is to add something else to my plate. I can drum, not too well, but that was my instrument, my fingers are too retarded for guitar. It'd just be nice to be able to put my words to music sometimes.

We then hit Best Buy, got Underworld and Freddy Vs. Jason. It's insane, I actually have DVDs that are still wrapped. I have so many I haven't watched them all, don't get wrong I've seen them at the show, bought them because I liked them, but never got around to watching them at home. They're like the only things that can cheer me up sometimes, well that and cartoons, lol. Used to be comics, okay enough of me admitting how much of a loser I am.

So yeah, that's about it. Had a couple of long conversations during the day too...just have lots to think about. It's all good though. Seems to be what I do best anyway. Think.

Alright, guess I'll think my ass to sleep now, 'nite one and all...much love.

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