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What the frig? I've got the hiccups, out of nowhere, grrr. Whatever, I'll write through it. I woke up with a lot on my mind, these days it seems like I always have a lot on my mind. Anyway, instead of just rambling on about everything, I'll ramble on about one thing.


Writing, journaling, whatever you want to call it. Why do we do it? My answer is that I love to write, which I do. Even before I started blogging I kept a journal, I've kept a journal of some sort since I was before I was in high school. I'm working on eventually transferring a lot of my journals onto the Internet in one way or another. It's nice to keep a record of things, it helps to remember things you might not otherwise. Personally, it only takes a sentence or two for me to remember an entire summer or a special event. When I look back and read what I wrote ten years ago it amazes me how much I've changed, and it sometimes depresses me to see the ways I haven't.

That being said, it also bums me out when people don't seem to be reading. It shouldn't, because ultimately I'm doing this for myself, and I'd be doing it even if no one else ever read it, Like I did for so many years in so many journals. However, when I throw something up here, I usually try to write it for an audience, however small it may be. I probably shouldn't care, but I can't help it, I do.

Then there's another point of view I came across in a magazine. So many people are worried about "big brother" watching us, about cameras being put up everywhere and about other ways the government is invading our privacy. Soon we'll all have a national ID or chips in heads. They'll know our every move, hear every word we speak and read everything we write. (If they don't already) Scary, right? Well, the thing is, we're not making to difficult for them. The article goes on to give examples of how a lot of people have so much of their information out there already and once it's out there, you can't take it back. Facebook, MySpace, Livejournal, bulletin boards, personal websites, and so many other social networks and sites are allowing anyone to keep tabs on you. With a little work it's pretty crazy what can be dug up on you. It makes identity theft a whole lot easier, it can help people track you down, and it helps employers and/or perspective employers keep tabs on you.

It was an interesting read to say the least. It's true, how can we expect a certain sense of privacy but at the same time let so much of ourselves be known? It's like locking the doors up tight but leaving your windows open. I don't know, it's not like I have things to hide, believe me, my life is pretty boring, but it did make me consider cutting back on what I have out there. It's just something to think about I guess.

Have a good one,

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