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Writer's Block: Outta My Way!

Have you ever experienced road rage?

Hahahahahaha. Umm...a better question would be have you ever NOT experienced road rage. There are a lot of stupid drivers in Chicago. I love this town but man, people blow lights, blow stop signs, cut you off, drive 10 mph in the fast lane, fall asleep at the wheel, and so much more. I especially love the a-holes that try passing you on the streets or at red lights. I'm sorry that you're in a hurry but it's not my fault, didn't you learn that there are no "cuts" in school. Wait your damn turn. Grrr...it's probably a good thing a don't have a gun sometimes...


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Apr. 18th, 2008 07:33 pm (UTC)
Man, I have the worst road rage... it runs in the family lol. Come down here and try drivin with all these old fuckers.

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