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Day One

I couldn't believe just how fast it came. I had been feeling like a gift deprived kid waiting for Christmas, but finally it was here. Wade and Jenny made it into town with just enough time to get ready and get going to the show. When we arrived we met the usual suspects and a few new ones. John, Mike, Jessi, Todd, Brent, and Brandon were all present and accounted for. Inside we ran into even more people, Bela, Dave, Bryce, my cousin Robert, and many others, it was like a huge party. Everyone started catching up and mingling but you could feel the excitement in the air. Todd and I were especially excited since we were probably looking forward to the Ham Fisted show more than any other. After a beer or two the time had come.

Fig Dish took the stage and I could have sworn it was 1998 all over again. That reminds me, I still can't find my old journal, but I digress. Fig Dish seemed to be playing one of their albums as well, except in reverse, I believe. Anyway, I recognized a few of the songs, some others, not so much. Fig Dish played with a lot of energy and it was just a great way to kick the week off.

As soon as Fig Dish wrapped up their set it finally hit me, we were going to hear Ham Fuckin' Fisted in it's entirety, fuckin' live. Before H started I ran into Kris. I had not see or talked to her in ages and it was nice to hang out for a bit. She hit the bar and I got a bit closer to the stage. The anticipation was growing and although I wasn't trying to build it up too much, I couldn't wait.

The moment Feed started was amazing. The typical Local H crowd response to anything off Ham Fisted is confusion and silence. Like everyone is waiting for them to play the damn "copacetic" song. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that wouldn't be the case on that particular night. The whole crowd was singing along, word for word. I wonder what that's going to mean for the recordings, I'm sure it won't matter too much, but it might end up sounding like one big sing-a-long. Nevertheless, it was great to hear how much the crowd was getting into it. I'm sure that Scott and Brian were psyched about it as well. It's also always a treat to see Gabe perform.

They seemed to just blaze through their set, of course it could totally be a matter of perception, what's that about time flying when you're having fun? I've always loved the sort of dichotomy of Ham Fisted. It kicks your ass with songs like Bag of Hammers and picks you up with Scott Rock, before kicking your ass again, and finally ending with Grrrlfriend. The songs have never sounded better. Well, maybe not all of the songs, but I have no complaints with their set, it was spectacular. I don't know what Brian was worried about, heh.

The encore started out with a bang. We got a little Purple Rain and then Pop Life which they knocked out of the park. Then..."got an open invitation!!!!!" Awesome. This was turning out to be, quite possibly, the best H show I had ever been to. Then they played BMW Man, which isn't one of my favorite songs. The Skulls cover was good but then...fucking Toxic. I'm kind of sick of it, I think I was sick of it after the first few times I heard it.

I really have no right to complain, this is still definitely in my top ten shows, but it wasn't quite the elusive "Perfect Set". I guess I'll just have to wait until they auction off another set list, this time I won't be outbid. (like that's ever going to happen again...)

Here's the review thread from the Local H board.

After the show a few of us made our way to Liar's Club, where Scott was going to be DJ'ing. We got there a bit early so we walked over to McDonald's and had a late night snack. Unfortunately it was getting late and most of the people I was rollin' with were starting to fade. We went to Liar's as planned but we didn't stay long. It was day one and everyone had traveled earlier in the day so it made sense that everyone was beat. We decided to leave just as Scott was coming in, we called it a night and recharged our batteries for day two.
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