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Day Two

Day two got off to a sloooowwww start. I got up with a sore shoulder and some pain in one of my hips, I'm getting old. The previous night wasn't a long night by any means but everyone was feeling a little sluggish. After a bit we somehow managed to come up with a game plan. We decided to take a ride to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I'm not much of a zoo person, I mean what can I see there that I can't see on Animal Planet? I still tagged along since I hadn't been to the zoo in ages and it would give everyone some time to catch up and hang out.

Wade, Jenny, John and I met up with Brent, Jessi, Todd, and Brandon at the zoo. We walked around, saw some animals and made some informative videos. Heh, let me explain. Todd and Brandon were doing this thing where Brandon would shoot Todd on his phone asking him questions about the zoo. Of course I got in on a couple of them and comedy ensued. We also got into it with a crazy lady who worked for the zoo over a baby duckling that we were trying to lead to safety. You know what they say about good deeds...

After the zoo we hit The Billy Goat, for those of you that have never been there, remember to ask for fries and a Pepsi. Don't get the chips and whatever you do, don't get a double, stick with the single. Heh.

We raced back south got our shit together and raced back to Beat Kitchen for Day Two: Electric Boogaloo. I'm sure that joke's never been done before. We got there in the nick of time and got ultimate rock star parking right in front. The opening band, The Ultra Sonic Edukators, were okay but not really my cup of tea. I guess that's part of the reason that the Pink Bunny Rabbits (PBRs for those of you that are like wtf?) were tasting so good as the night continued. I slowly moved my way closer to the front as the opening band ended and Local H prepared to rock our socks off...or something like that.

Manifest Density began and once again, I was pumped. I love As Good As Dead, I think it's my favorite album after Ham Fisted sometimes, but it's also the one that's played out. How many times have I heard Bound, Fritz's and High Fiving? Too many to count, but...they seemed to be reborn last night. Scott and Brian sounded tight. They flew into song after song and were kicking ass. Scott was bantering with the crowd and I think he checked Todd about Pancake Breakfast. Something to the effect of saying that he didn't get that joke, heh. I thought that Ham Fisted was going to be tough to beat but the H was proving me wrong.

Gabe played the kazoo on Lovey Dovey, Manifest Density II with the two other guitarists, Nothing Special, No Problem, O.K. were all awesome. I fell in love with As Good As Dead and Local H all over again. Cheesy? Cliche? Maybe, but it doesn't make it any less true.

The encore just took this show to another level. Tag-Along! Buffalo Trace! Are you kidding me? 24 Hour Break Up Session, probably the best track on the new album, was also thrown in there. Even President Forever, which isn't one of my favorites, kicked ass. They closed out with Good Night again. What a great show. I think it edged out day one by a hair.

Afterwards we couldn't get our shit together. Some people wanted to eat, others wanted to drink, and others wanted to smoke crack. One thing we all did agree on was chanting "Yankees Suck" as Dewey left the venue.

We were pretty much going to go our separate ways when we decided to go bowling! It was an excellent idea. We were rolling thick like London Fog. Wade, Jenny, Jessi, Brent, Todd, Brandon, Mike, Mark, Mike, Bryce, Kendra, John and yours truly were knocking down pins while knocking back brews and shots. It ended up being a super fun happy go lucky time. But it didn't end there, some of the peeps in our crowd had never experienced the joy of a late night/early morning slider from White Castle.

After losing some people, the rest of us headed to the W.C. Brent, Todd and I somehow managed to split most of a crave case, I'm still paying for it as we speak...ugh. We wrapped things up and headed home. It was a late night, and I should be sleeping, but here I am journaling away.

I can't wait to see what I'll have to write about tomorrow.

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