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Day Three

Another day, another late start. I was pretty beat and I decided to relax and play a little Grand Theft Auto in the morning. I believe that Wade and Jenny pretty much just ended up shopping in the afternoon. A few of my friends ended up going to the Cubs game, I know Dewey went, I think Brent, Jessi and a couple of others were there as well. I think I asked them how it felt to see a real team play ball, hahaha.

Anyway, after chilling for most of the day I made it to the show just in time to hear the horrible, horrible, Fun Club. Brutal. Melissa and I had some dinner instead of suffering through them. The set finally ended and we moved into the back room to watch the show. Pack
Up the Cats. Their third album and according to some, their best one.

I actually used earplugs for the first time ever. I'm getting old and the third of seven days in a row was starting to wreak havoc on my ears. It was a great set, Scott even sang the "What was wrong with Joe" line. The highlight for me was probably 25 or 6 to 4. The show was good, but probably the weakest of the weak so far. I think part of the reason was the crowd didn't seem as into it, the week was probably wearing on them as well. Encore was good, like I said, 25/6/4 was the shit, the other guitarist (I think he's from Cisco Pike) is also growing on me. It made me curious about today and if they'll have a female back up singer.

After the show we tried to think of something to do. We hung around outside trying to come up with something, as usual. We tried the Hungry Brain but Kendra couldn't get in. I even tried to see if Bela knew anyone there, maybe we could get her in. He didn't, we couldn't. I finally met DanB, cool guy, we talked hip hop. We wandered around, Brandon almost got us killed by striking up a conversation with a crazy guy on a bike, not really, he seemed harmless enough. But John and the others were worried enough to slowly make their way across the street, heh. We ended up back at Beat Kitchen for a late night snack and then headed home. We agreed to having the meet up after tonight's show.

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