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Day Four

Day four already. The week has been flying by at an amazing pace. Almost too fast. I know a lot of us had a lot of plans for the week, but with the early start times and the late nights, we just weren't being all that productive.

Well, one of the plans involved breakfast at the Original Pancake House in the HP. I told Wade about my heart attack special, the meat lover's skillet, and he wanted to check it out. Unfortunately we didn't get up early enough and by the time we made it to the Pancake House there was a line out the door. Melissa got a number and we waited outside for a while. Some bitch walked out and totally nailed Wade on the arm. She saw him there, but tried playing it off, she knew what was she was doing. She was probably pissed about the wait and just took it out on Wade. I really don't want to say it was "racially motivated" but I totally got that vibe. I don't know...people just suck sometimes.

That little incident coupled with the long wait was enough to get us to try going elsewhere. We had also talked about Dat Donut and we thought about heading over there. Medici's was on the way so we stopped by on a whim. It turned out there was only one party in front of us so we had breakfast there. Mmm...almond croissants. I've raved about them before, Wade and Jenni agreed, they're that good.

At some point Wade and Jenny went their own way. Probably shopping, I forget. We also snuck in a game of Blades of Steel at some point, Wade won, but it took a second sudden death shoot out in OT.

Once again we made our way to the Beat Kitchen, I was really excited about this show, and The Tossers never disappoint. I talked to Mike (Emcrate) for a while, and I chatted with Stine for a bit. It's too bad they only made it to one show, there was just so much going on, it was tough to catch up with them. The Tossers made their way to the stage and they ripped through their set, and then Scott joined them on stage for a song! It's a Long Way to the Top! It was awesome, The Tossers kick so much ass. I think they also had everyone sing Scott Happy Birthday. Did I mention it was Scott's birthday?

Local H came on and Played another Great set. Wes was there and so was Simi, she came out and played her violin, but didn't sing?! WTF? It still pretty cool and Wade got some great shots. Mike (Judas Ghost) got a few good ones too. Heh.

Before the encore someone, I think Wes, sent up a birthday cake. The candles were lit and everything but the ceiling fans blew them out, someone re-lit them on the way up. Scott had some cake and started up the encore. It was a good one. Joey, Tame, Static-Age and the new(er) version of No Problem were played. They tried to get Wes to play a Triple Fast Action song with them but he declined, that would've been awesome.

The show had some mic problems, especially with Justin(?). There were also some a-hole drunken moshers that got a bit annoying at times. However, it was still a hell of a show. Did I mention The Tossers?

Afterwards we went bowling again. This time a lot more people showed up since we had declared that it would also be the meet-up. It turns out that things go a lot more smoothly when you've planned ahead, go figure?

We had some fun, I got myself some light up bling, and then called it a night. I agreed to work on Sunday so I had to get to bed at a half-way decent hour.

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