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Day Five

Holy Crap. What a night. Josh Caterer was phenomenal. Wow, I spelled that right?

Before the show I went to my Mom's work to drop off her Mother's Day card, I worked a shift at the j-o-b, left a bit late and raced over to the Beat Kitchen. We made it there with enough time to hang out and get a good spot up front.

Josh came out and played pretty much every Popes song I wanted to hear and he took my request for Brand New Hairstyle. During his set he asked for requests and I immediately yelled out "Brand New Hairstyle". He commented about how authoritatively I yelled it out. I guess I was pretty loud and the crowd was relatively quiet. He played the song and just the bantering back and forth was awesome. How he couldn't find it, and how when he does he might not be able to grow enough hair. There's a long solo in the song but since it didn't really work acoustically he played and talked to us instead. He also played a new Popes song, The Corner, wow is it awesome. It doesn't sound very "Pope-ish". It was dark and almost scary. He said it was based on a movie based on a book about some murders in Kansas. If I remember correctly. Anyway, the song kicked so much ass.

Local H was great as usual. The crowd was surprisingly energetic. It's been a long week and I know a lot of us are tired as hell. PJ Soles, How's the Weather Down There?, and Mellowed were probably my faves tonight. Of course Bad Moon Rising with Josh was the icing on the cake.

Week highlights so far. MD II, Fig Dish, Ham Fisted, The Tossers, It's a Long Way to the Top, AGAD, Josh Caterer, Bad Moon Rising, Mellowed, Weather Down There...

I'm not sure I can handle much more.

After the show a bunch of us hit Chicago's Pizza. I think it's Todd's new official favorite pizza. It was good but it was no Connie's, heh. Then again at midnight any pizza is pretty damn good.

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