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Day Six

Here's what I wrote on the Local H message board

I'm going to get flamed and called a hater but other than:

Money Shot, Payback, Tag-Along, Cooler Heads and Talking Smack...(which all rocked)

It was alright. I mean LCP is just All the Kids, Lazy Crazy isn't their best work, and I mean, I hate to say it but there are reasons why these aren't on their albums. If I never hear FYTW again I think I'll still live a long and productive life. As far as total Local H sets and shows go, yes this was an awesome show, great experience and A+++ will watch again. However, IMO of course, as far as this week has been, this was the weakest night, again IMO.

Nothing against the band, they sounded great as usual. Pegboy was also pretty good. It's amazing that Scott and Brian can keep this pace up, I can barely do it and I'm just watching.

I guess a lot of factors come into play. I didn't know some of the songs too well, I'm tired, and the crowd wasn't too in to it. It was still a good show, like I wrote on the board, Money Shot, Payback is a Mother, Tag-Along, Cooler Heads and Talking Smack were amazing. That's almost half of the show, but the other half was just eh. Amy showed up to the show and it was nice to see her and hang out for a bit.

We hit Uno's after the show, after driving around for a while, it's tough finding places that will please everyone and let Kendra in. It took some time but we found it and we all got there. It was a good time, good food, good Local H talk, but the service was pretty bad. At one point Bryce got up and refilled his own drink. We all finished eating and tried to divy up the bill. Some people cheaped out, but whatta ya gonna do? Bryce and Kendra were going to put the rest on their card. We got it figured out after a while but by then everyone had left.

People left without saying anything, is that a cultural thing? A big city thing v. a small town thing? Just like the deal with not waiting for everyone to do shots, not that any of it is really a big deal, but I'm crazy like that. I just thought it was kind of rude, I mean we're not all like close friends and I might be a bit sensitive or over-reacting? Eh, rude is too strong of a word, I guess it just weird. I don't know.

What else? There were jerks in the mosh pit, some jerk that works at Beat Kitchen that wouldn't let me back in the back room, and the band had a lot of new/rare stuff on sale. Too bad I'm so poor I couldn't buy anything. I actually did pretty well during the week. Kendra not being able to get into bars probably turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

The week's definitely winding down and I feel like I'm coming down with something.

Yeah...tonight will be bittersweet, that's for sure.

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