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Well, it's like I have or had lots to talk about, but I sit in front of this incredibly white screen...and it fades away. I don't know. Lots of stuff going on in here, lots of stuff going on in the real world.

I really thought 2004 would be different.

Anyway, some friends of mine took me out to lunch today, but before that we had to go downtown to return some clothes. While she was inside, a couple of us waited in the car. We all got soooo depressed. The area is, I guess affluent, and there's stores like Barney's, Prada, well you get the idea. Everyone's riding around in Range Rovers, BMWs, Mercedez, and wearing more money in jewelry than I make in a year. It sucks, I won't get into it, but just knowing that I'll probably never be able to live that lifestyle...I guess it could be worse. I'll shut up now for all you people that complain about depressing entries or whatever...I'll stop asking for attention.

I guess some drama went down last night, I'm not too sure because no one talks to me these days!!! Not angry or upset, relax, just feel left outta the loop. I'm supposed to be at a concert right now. Just let those tickets burn, I could have gotten like 150 for them a pop, Ani's been sold out for weeks I guess. Whatever.

There's a couple things going on tonight, some people are bowling, others are going to a show, but I kinda just want to chill. Even that I can't really do with who I want to. I don't know...I'm really feeling stressed out...and it's a balance of work, tension at home, and stuff online. I got trashed last night, and that really didn't even help, lol. Anyway, I miss some of you guys, and some of you should check your mail. I'll be around. I might add more later. Take care everyone.

Much love,


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