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Someone throw me a life preserver

I hate Mondays. There's always something in the air, maybe it's just ingrained into my chemical makeup at this point. Maybe it's all in my head but they're always gloomy and they always suck. Even when I'm not working, even after a great weekend, I think especially after  a good weekend.

Well it was a good weekend, I can't complain about that. Friday we had dinner at a nearby Korean place. The food was good but the place seats about 15 people. It's tiny and it was pretty busy. Food took forever as well and although the guy was trying, the service wasn't the greatest. But, my baby enjoyed it and the food was good, so I sucked it up. I just hate feeling like there are people on top of me, it just wasn't very comfortable. After dinner we hit the Sugar Shack for desert, God that place is good. I love ice cream, I might love it more than meat, maybe even booze, heh.

Saturday we went downtown and picked up our Wedding License, we're pretty much official at this point, at least that's what Melissa thinks, mwahahahaha. It ain't over until the Deacon signs it and mails it, heh. We lucked out on not getting a parking ticket, the process took a little longer than expected and friggin' parking is like 25 cents for five minutes. I guess that's still a steal compared to the lots downtown. Money sucks, but not having it sucks more. I had to shoot to work afterwards and then to the Metro after that. We had dinner at the Raw Bar. I love that place, I think I've raved about it before. Their paradise Martini's are amazing. They even comped us one on our way out. Good times. We stumbled over to the Metro after dinnner. We had tickets for The Smoking Popes. They played a great show, and we managed to pick up the new CD and a T on the way out. It was an exhausting, but a great night. The new Smoking Popes CD is really good by the way, go pick it  up right now!

Sunday we pretty much bummed around the house...or should say bummed around the FORT!!!

I haven't had a chance to upload the pictures but we've been trying to built a fort in the living room for some time now. We're dorks I know, anyway yesterday was the perfect day. It was scary out with the storms and when it wasn't it was just too muggy to be out. We were both tired from the previous day but we had enough energy to build Fort Melbert. It was a grand fort, we even managed to get the TV inside it. My baby couldn't miss her HGTV shows, heh. It was awesome. I made a sign for the fort and a flag which I attached to our coat rack...err flagpole. The dogs even seemed to love it, initially it was a dog free zone, but they pulled a Trojan horse type of trick on us. Our defenses were breached but it was okay. We turned them to our side and ended up having two guard dogs. We ordered some pizza and had dinner inside the fort as well. It was pretty awesome. Our communications went down and we had to destroy the fort, but it will rise again!  We wrapped up the weekend with another trip to the Sugar Shack. All in all it was an awesome weekend.

It wasn't all fun and games though. We got word on Saturday that Melissa's mom had a lot of trouble with the flooding in Indiana. I guess it didn't quite get into the house but the cars were ruined. We're also still stressing out a bit trying to tie up the last few loose ends in regards to the wedding. We haven't set anything up yet for our Honeymoon and we still have to decide on transportation for the wedding day. I'm still trying to find steady work too. It sucks, and it's almost enough to ruin the whole wedding process,'s going to be worth it in the end. It should end up being a great time with our families and friends.


No, no, no it will will will be...

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