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spit it out

These usually sound better in my head. I'm more articulate, or something. Anyway I feel like I haven't done a good enough job of journaling (or recording or chronicalling or whatever you want to call it) the wedding and the events leading up to it. Just a few off of the top of my head, but here are some of the more, I guess memorable days/nights.

I spent a whole day cutting out the names of all of our guests and making a mock up of the reception hall and all of the tables. I made the bar, the DJ, the head table, everything. I was bored and stalling at the same time. It did end up being a great help, we could move people around, because so and so can't sit with the cheerleader and the ugly one wants to sit with whatsherface.

Last night I finished stamping all of our programs/fans. They look really cool, Melissa had the awesome idea of making our programs into fans, in case the church is hot. Unfortunately it looks like there may be thunderstorms on Saturday. It'll suck for taking pictures but at least it'll cool things down. We'll see. If we can't make it downtown to take pictures maybe we'll take them at Mullen's, hahaha.

Speaking of Mullen's, it is Wednesday so I'll be heading there shortly. I guess my "bachelor party" will be taking place shortly thereafter. I'm still a bit nervous about it. I don't know, it should be a good time but some of my friends have been known to "wild" out. There was one last year that I went to...well...let's just say I don't want it to get that crazy. It sucks that it's on a Wednesday since people have to work tomorrow morning, but I don't think it would have worked out on Friday. We've got the rehearsal and I really don't think I should be hungover at the wedding.

Anyway, I've got to get ready, and friggin' L.A. Confidential is on distracting me.

Hope everyone's doing well out there in Internet Land.
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