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The Battery Incident

So yesterday my wife is trying to go to work, (that sounds funny "my wife") the problem is that the damn car wouldn't start. Luckily she only works about half a mile away, she walks over to work and I try to get the damn thing running. I pop the trunk after trying a few things, long story short, we need a new battery. I call a buddy of mine to see if he'll come over to give me a jump or take a look at it but he never shows up or calls. After a while and after Mel comes home we decide to walk over to the Murray's on 47th. The place kind of sucks, it took a while to get service and to get our battery. Then I had to bring it home. Holy crap. Who knew batteries were so heavy? I mean, I knew, but I guess I didn't take into account I'd be carrying it for almost a mile.

It sucked. What sucked even harder was that they gave me the wrong fuckin' battery. It was getting too late to go back so I'd have to wait until today. I also was supposed to work today. We walked over this morning to exchange it for the correct one, and as luck would have it, they didn't even have the one we needed. We walked home empty handed and very aggravated. I made some calls and I didn't have any luck getting anyone to help me out. Luckily I managed to find the battery a couple miles west of where I live. So I ended up having to take the bus to the parts store and taking it back home. Not only was the whole experience of having to walk to the 47th street "L" station a pain, but on the bus ride home there was an accident and traffic was stopped. I guess someone hit a guy riding a bike. They kept us there for a while and people on the bus were getting annoyed. We eventually got moving but it took me about an hour and a half to get the damn battery.

I get home and put it in and it doesn't work at first. Fuck. I tighten everything up, wait a few minutes and then try again.


I didn't make it to work, I'm sore as hell, but the car's working.

Alls well that ends well right?

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