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I've been wanting to get on here for a while now, I've been neglecting my LJ. Hell I haven't even touched up the entries about the honeymoon and wedding. I don't know, I've been busy, sure, but not that busy. I've got to go work now and I hate it. It's been a busy week, and things have been coming up. The a-hole at the DMV that tried to get smart with Melissa, the jackasses on the road, the jerk at Mullen's the other night. I guess one of my all-time pet peeves is that people don't get what they deserve. There's no accountability, no repercussions, that's why people are such jerks. I was reading something on the net or in one the magazines at work about how people are becoming more rude every year. It said that part of the problem was that no one says or does anything about it. Which I guess is true to a point, but what can you do? I hate situations like that, I was pissed Wednesday, I really wanted to kick this guy's ass. It's funny because I can take things being said or done to me, no problem, almost to a fault, but when it involves one of my loved ones. Anyway, I've got to get going but I wanted to touch on a couple of things...

I still have to figure out school stuff, find a damn job, or agree to the full time position for the fall, ugh, what else? Catch up with people, plan a party for the summer, transcripts, the shows coming up. Rock the Bells, Pitchfork, etc. It's always something...

Hope you're all doing well.
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