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Hey, how's it going?

I haven't been around much, I don't know, life's been just moving along. I don't know, I keep typing this sentence and deleting it. Wow, I'm rusty I guess, I have lots to say but really don't feel like writing much.

The only reason I'm even on here right now is that I got some bad news this morning. An old friend of mine passed away, I guess he had cancer, but a lot of us didn't know. Chemo didn't go too well for him and while I hadn't spoken to him in years, we were friends for a while in our youth. We used to play football together during and after high school. He was one of the regulars on our "traveling team" when we'd go around to different parks around the city whupping people's asses. It's scary, he was probably the strongest one of us. I don't's also depressing, I wonder when he even found out he had it. None of us were really the "going to the doctor" types. Hell, I remember for a while there I didn't even have medical insurance and I was out playing tackle football all the time.

I never said I was smart. s-m-r-t...but I digress.

Anyway, RIP Cal.

I'm always torn about how I feel when people pass. My grandfather died earlier in the year and I was more upset about how my mom was going to feel than about him passing. When co-workers die or neighbors, it's sad, but life goes on. Right? I feel like a jerk for not being more upset or I feel like I'm being dramatic if I feel sad that...let's say when George Carlin died. I don't know, I can't win. I guess I'm just lucky that I don't have a lot of experience with death. There's also the whole macho, Latino thing, I can't be sad...

Moving on...the Bears lost, the Cubs are kicking ass, Favre's a Jet, Griffey's a White Sox? White Sock? Oh and I'm married. It's all a little bit crazy isn't it?


Tags: death, life

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