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What If aka Randomness

August 26th already!?!

Anyway, I'm still around, still reading/looking at everyone's journals. Just not commenting much. I've been busy/distracted with a lot of things. The Olympics, NCAA, Madden and crap around the house. Still job hunting, sort of, and trying to work out a little more. Slowly but surely.

I'm rambling, but I just an amusing thought. The economy sucks, it's affecting everyone. At some point, if it hasn't already, it's going to force people to make some choices. Should I buy lunch or the new Offspring CD? Fill up my tank of gas or go to Lollapalooza? Catch Pineapple Express or buy a new outfit for work? Anyway, wouldn't it be funny if the country just started spending money on the essentials, in this crazy world, entertainers, singers, artists, all of the "beautiful people" would have to get real jobs. Hahahaha, It would be like The Simple Life times 100. Trent Reznor teaching music, Gwen Stefani working at the mall, Britney Spears taking your order at Wendy's. The Terminator running for office...oh wait.

Michelle Obama's speech was great last night. I love Obama, as I've mentioned several times, he lives a few blocks down from me. I'm just not thrilled with Biden. I also saw McCain on Leno last night, and I don't think that the world would end if he won. The truth is that our lives aren't really going to change a hell of a lot regardless of who the President is. It's not like the President really runs the country anyway...

Anything else? Oh yeah, I'm loving reading reviews on Yelp about the Logan Bar and Grill. I don't get how white hipsters can cry about gentrification in a historically Puerto-Rican neighborhood. I'm sure that empty lot you had across the street was a whole lot nicer than the trendy sports bar that opened up. Fuckin' idiots, I love how some people "choose" to be poor and feel that they have the same rights/gripes that people who have no choice have. Friggin' cake eaters, go back to the suburbs. I don't know which is worse, Hipsters or Hippies? Forget Pirates v. Ninjas, the new epic battle should be Hippies v. Hipsters.

Don't even get me started with people at work, I hate retail, I almost called a kid an asshole the other day. I just might, fuck it.

Anyway, how are you doing?

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