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Theory of Convergence

It never fails. I know, I probably sound like I'm bitching or whining but whatever. Change the channel if you don't like it. Anyway, as I was It never fails. It started last Sunday, the Cubs got their asses handed to them, after a horrible stretch of games. It also led to my demise in Fantasy Baseball, but of course the Bears pulled it out against the Colts. Some of the other games were good as well, pretty much every one who I cheered for won. It was like life imitating art, or vice-versa. Life was imitating Madden, heh. Last minute wins, Favre throwing TDs for the Jets, and Brady out for the season, you know if this happened in Madden you'd be cursing at the TV, yelling how Madden's full of shit, heh.

I don't know, the rest of the week is okay, usual ups and downs. It's raining like crazy, there's flooding everywhere. Fuck, even the computer's annoying me. For some reason it feels hot as hell, it's probably overheating, damn Apples. But I digress, yesterday I'm late for work because it takes over an hour to get north through the maze of traffic, broken lights, and flooded roads. Then this morning just sucks, the OJ was sour or something, and other shit went wrong. I miss the NFL pre-game show and I have to leave before the first half of the Bears game is over. I listen to it on the way to work and right before I start the Bears take a 17-3 lead. I figure things are good, I've the game, and the Jets game, recording and I'll watch them when I get home.

Work sucks. It hasn't sucked so hard since the holidays. We were super busy for some reason and shit just was falling apart. I hate retail, I've always hated it, I realized this ten years ago when I was working for Blockbuster. Shit, their operation is light years ahead of where I'm at now. Old ass computers with like black and white monitors, if you can call them that. We've got to manually type in half of the upcs we deal with, and all of the coupons. If you want to look things up you've got to look them up in a code of sorts. For example, Lord of the Rings would be something like Lord Rings. Catcher in the Rye, Catcher in Rye or maybe even Catcher Rye. I'm usually better off running around like an idiot and trying to find it myself.

Of course people are just stupid animals. If they're not too busy being obnoxious or loud, they're probably picking stuff up and leaving it in the wrong places. Then you get the little bundles of joy running around knocking shit over while mom and/or dad browse through their respective sections. Dad's usually trying to look smart looking at the History section while Mom can be found with the other desperate old broads in the Romance section. You know what's fun too? Watching the pervs trying to be sneaky in the relationship section. Trying to read the Kama Sutra or Sex books on the DL. The people that always get me are the young teenagers. I'd love to see my 13 year old daughter hanging out with her gang-banger boyfriend trying to read up on "how to tickle his pickle". Let's see today I found chunks of plastic, open toy boxes, napkins on shelves, lollipop sticks, beverage cups and random garbage. Good times!

We finally close up and I head home half an hour late. Of course my DVR is on the fritz when I get home and I can't watch anything I recorded. It's all gone. At this point I'm ready to just explode. While I'm fiddling with the DVR box, reseting it and trying to get the cable back up, my wife confirms the fact that the Bears lost. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that my co-worker, who in his defense didn't know I was recording the game, blurted out that the Bears had lost. Sure enough they did. 20-17. I was furious, but that's not the best part, while I was doing all of this shit, and trying to eat dinner, I totally zoned out and forgot about the Cubs game.

Zambrano threw a no-hitter. Hasn't happened in thirty years or so.

I got sick to my stomach. Texts started coming in to my phone. I missed me. I feel sick writing this.


I know a whole lot of you, including my wife, probably think that this is silly. There are real things to get worried about. Debt, illness, the economy, war, etc. The thing is, I do worry about those things, as much as anyone else. That's what makes these insignificant little games even more important. The Cubs and Bears are something to get passionate about. Something to look forward to, watching that no-hitter would have more than made up for the shitty day at work, watching the Bears game every week makes me feel like a part of something bigger than myself. I don't know, I used to watch the games with my dad and brother or with a large group of friends, and it was always a good time. It still feels like a good time even though these days I'm usually just watching them with my dog. Reading this, it almost makes me seem sad and pathetic, but am I so different from everyone else?

During World War II MLB considered suspending its games, but President Roosevelt stated that baseball must continue for the morale of the nation. A line from the letter read, "I honestly feel that it would be best for the country to keep baseball going." After 9/11 baseball also helped the country feel normal again.

Again, I realize that my house could be flooded right now, or destroyed by Hurricane (fill in the blank), or I could have some terminal disease. I know. But some mornings, like a lot of people I'm sure, it feels as if all of my flaws are magnified and the weight of another day just seems unbearable. Of course my baby gives me every reason to wake up, but sometimes things like the Cubs game or a new CD, or a phone call can help lighten the load.

But days like today, I wish I would have stayed in bed.
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