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2008 NL Central Champions

The Cubs did it again! It was close, but Woody pulled out the save, Go Cubs Go!



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Sep. 28th, 2017 03:45 pm (UTC)
2017 NL Central Champs
We did it!
Yes, again!
2nd time in a row!
Beat the Cardinals extremely bad.
What a wonderful game it was! I’m sorry my bestie and I didn’t watch the game in its intirety. Instead, we were flipping channels. I don’t think we should’ve done that. We should have watched more of the game so we could’ve seen the championship celebration at the end of the wild, one-sided game.
Bye-bye, Cardinals!
We’ve practically eliminated them and the Milwaukee Brewers from playoff contention. Sorry, Mom, but you don’t get your wish again this year. Looks like the Cubs are going to attempt to repeat their World Series run.
Go, Cubs!
Though we clinched last night, I think we can accomplish victory when it comes to the NLDS. I don’t see any way our championship run is going to collapse. It’s going to continue yet another year. I’d ❤ to see another victorious October. NLDS, here we com
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