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Rain rain go away...

It's been a...hmm...wild, I guess, few days. The Cubs are going to play the Dodgers, the Bears held on an awesome goal line stand and won the game last, and the Sox are waiting to play one more game to see if their season will continue. We went to Leona's on Saturday for Rob's birthday and then a few of us hit the Morseland afterwards. It was strange to be there after so long to say the least. They're saying that they think that the game will be played, but as I look outside my window, it's not looking too good. The Madden-esque 2008 football season continues. Favre threw like six touchdowns yesterday, and of course we beat the Eagles behind Orton's three TDs. Gerrard had a great day for me too. I picked him up yesterday morning, speaking of fantasy baseball, I ended up tied in two leagues and in both I somehow lost the tie-breaker. I came in friggin' second in my H league and they barely played. Eh...what are you gonna do?

I'm also knotted up with nerves inside. I've been trying to get back into the schools for almost a year now with no luck and as luck would have it, I got two calls this morning. They wanted to set up interviews, I immediately set one up for tomorrow but I had to change my schedule around for the other and I told the lady I'd call back. I called her back to confirm, not even ten minutes later, but I got her voice mail. This was about nine am and I haven't heard back, I get the feeling she didn't like the fact that I said I'd get back to her. What was I supposed to do? I had to make sure work was covered. Figures that when I've finally started working full time is when I'd get calls. Now I'm going to feel bad if I get hired because I'll be leaving my aunt high and dry. Oh life...why must you be so complicated? Why can't I just go to concerts, watch sports, and drink all day? Occasionally switching gears to write a little, watch TV, and play video games. I already called once, I don't know if calling again will sound desperate and/or get annoying. Or maybe it will show how badly I want the job. Hmm...I'll wait a little longer.

Ugh! I need the damn game to start to keep my mind off calling.'s getting darker...I'm skerred.
Tags: baseball, bears, cubs, football, work

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