Gil (fenyx) wrote,

Si Se Puede

Wow. I don't think my last post went through. I'm on the phone again since my crappy RCN Internet wasn't working at home. On my home last night I took a detour and got as close as I could to the rally. It was right about the time they projected Obama to be the winner. The city was ecstatic, car horns were blaring, people were pumping their fists in the air. I hadn't seen people celebrating in the streets like that since the Bulls
Championships. It was awesome, of course my neighborhood was also teeming with excitement. A crowd gathered around Obama's house to cheer him on as he left for Grant Park, fireworks (at least that what I think most of them were) could be heard all over the place. It was just such a strange and amazing day, the feeling in the air was really quite like no other. It still pissed me off that McCain's supporters were booing Obama, a few that they interviewed on the radio said that they wouldn't support Obama when asked. Fucking sore losers, at least McCain was very classy, shades of the old McCain came through. I feel like there was more I wanted to touch on but I've got to get to work and typing on the phone gets annoying.


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