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I don't care what the calendar says, I still say it's MONDAY!

Where do I being? Well, first of all, it's freakin' freezing. The sidewalk's covered in ice, people are complaining, it's just yuck. I can't remember a morning in recent history where I wanted to stay in bed as bad as this one. Just would rather be in bed, or Florida, anywhere but here. :( It's not the cold so much, I'm used to it, car started fine and everything. It's a combination of things I guess. I'm just semi-retarded this morning.

Let's see, I was like asleep in the shower, I haven't shaved, since I usually don't if I don't work, so it's been like four days. Needless to say I look like crap. I got to work just in time, I couldn't find my keys at work. It turned out they were in my locker, which I then opened and proceeded to misplace the lock after finding my keys. LOL

Then I guess they're finishing up the wi-fi connections here so all the computers in my office were that sucked. I was freaking out, no internet, no apps, nothing! I ran into one of our tech guys and everything was reconnected in time for the tardies.

That reminds me, why do I get intimidated sometimes? Those of you who know me, it doesn't happen at all, I usually know what I am doing or talking about. When I don't, I am more than capable of bullshitting my way through. I mean I have 'game' you know. But once in a great talking to the tech guy today. I know what Wi-Fi is, Bluetooth, etc. I'm on a cpu like 24/7, I watch Tech TV damnit! But I get like stupid, might be part of me being semi-retarded today, I don't know. It happened to me a couple of weeks ago too. I was talking to someone about Project Greenlight and he asked me to pitch one of my plays and I choked. I was like's about... Dumbass. I guess it's because this guy graduated from Harvard and is like a borderline genius, got nervous. I don't know. I'm a choke artist. Maybe I should be on the Eagles, lol. The strange part is that I'm very good under pressure..whatever.

I also have people bragging about their weekends, back from Texas, or Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, whichever. I really, really, REALLY, wish I was in FL. But life's fucked up like that sometimes, ya know?

So I'm in the hall, and these two kids are sauntering down the hall holding hands. You could totally tell the guy was like holding on for dear life, and she couldn't be more uncomfortable. It was only for a second, but I could see their whole relationship in that moment. I can relate, I've been on both sides of that deal. It's usually always been me holding on tight, once in a while I'm the one wanting to let go...hopefully this time neither of us will let go.

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