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Please don't hate me.

Okay, this will probably be the last time I annoy you all about this, but since you're already on here you might as well click here and vote for your buddy Gil. Yes, I know it's not the greatest idea in the world. I know, but c'mon we're friends right? I'd do it for you. Why am I being so annoying, is it for the fame, the glory, the money? No, not really, I don't know, sure it'll be nice if I win and I get a cut or whatever, but I guess I'm just kind of obsessed with it. My competitive nature might be to blame. Maybe I just need a win, y'know? I don't know, but please drop me a vote or 24 over the next 24 hours, then it'll be over and I can get back to regular...err...blogging. Tell your friends, post it on your LJ, myspace, post a bulletin, spread the word.

Or not.

The choice is yours.



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