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Finally a new 24. 'Bout time too. Now we have to wait a couple of months, eh, whatta ya gonna do. With the Shield, Prison Break, Sons of Anarchy and a couple other shows ending soon, I should have some more free time, heh. Glad the effin' Bears won, between them and the Cubs, I'm going to be going to an early grave. Matt Forte is the man, he's carrying the Bears on his back. I needed a big day from him my Fantasy teams are on losing streaks. Now we'll see what they do against the Vikings. Oh and how about Farve, although I like the Titans, I've nothing against the Jets. Thomas Jones should've never been let go, but I'm happy with Forte, friggin' Benson...

What else? I changed my LJ layout a bit, I'm surprised they don't have a Thanksgiving theme, eh I like the one I picked. Oh and Twilight made 70 mil...ugh. They're making a 2012 movie...yay. Seriously, all of our Twilight crap is flying off the shelves.

Ugh I got distracted with TV, Facebook, MySpace...sorry I'm so all over the place. Disjointed much?

Oh Mullen's on Wednesday, be there.


Tags: bears, crew, football, work

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