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I'm fuckin' tired

I probably should go to bed. I'm irritated, frustrated, tired, bored and just pissed off. That reminds me, I'm going to send Samsung this letter, actually I should make a template and send it off to a couple different places.

Dear Chicago Bears/Samsung/Jeep

Your team/Blackjack/Liberty sucks. It is a piece of shit, your product has let me down, time and time again. I would not recommend it to anyone, well maybe to my worst enemy, then maybe they'd kill themselves after having to deal with your shitty excuse for a football team/phone/SUV. You're really good about taking my money away why can't you be that good at providing me with a good product and/or coaching/customer service/repairs. I know I'm just one person and could care less about one individual, hell, you might not even read this letter, but just know that I'm not the only one that thinks you suck.

Fuck you,


Fuck you.

-Gil Noriega

Arrgh! Fuck! What the fuck was Lovie thinking? Oh they've stopped us cold a couple of plays but I swear we'll get it in this time. FUCK! Who needs a field goal anyway? Oh ANOTHER interception. Fuck! You suck Orton. Oh right, back to the stop in the end zone and then the next play fuckin' peanut gets burned by Berrian for 99 fuckin' yards. The only reason it wasn't for more yards is because it's physically impossible. Fuck!!!

What a shitty ass end to a pretty crappy extended weekend. Wednesday night it took me over two hours to get home, it was fuckin' ridiculous. Then I had to drive back north to Mullen's. Mullen's pisses me off too, we should find a new place, they don't even hook us up. Considering the amount of money that we spend in that place, it sucks that we never get comped. We had a mini-reunion of sorts and it was great to see everyone but I always have issues with things of that sort. It's nice to see old friends and catch up but what kind of friends are they if you haven't seen them in years, y'know? Not that it is anyone's fault, I know that things happen but sometimes I wonder if it's worth the hassle/trouble to keep in touch with people, even the ones that you only see every once in a while. Like "internet" or long distance friends for example. I'm half tempted to just delete my facebook and myspace accounts. *sighs* I guess it's like a lot of things in life, you try and try but sometimes you get to a point where you just say fuck it and move it. I'm close to that point with a few people I guess.

Thanksgiving was good, it was great food as usual and it's nice to see everyone as usual, but it seemed...I don't scaled back or just not the same. I played some Guitar Hero World Tour with my cousins and then headed home since I had to be up early the next day.

I had to be at work at seven in the morning on Friday and we didn't have any customers. I think we had spent 5 hours of manpower by ten and we had only made like 30 bucks. Then I get home and read about the guy getting trampled to death at Wal-Mart, I hope that cheap TV or great deal was worth it. Why hasn't God wiped us all out yet? Grrr...

Oh and the whole situation in India, what the fuck? I'm sick of innocent people being killed all the time. I'm never leaving the west, fuck that. Someone should start pulling people into the streets here and asking them for their passports and then shooting them, it's bullshit. Killing people with American and British passports? Sometimes I really think we should just nuke the whole area and call it a day. Whatever.

So then we drive down to Indiana, which is alright, not a big deal, but then I get so sick when I'm there. My allergies kill me. I can't breathe, I'm stuffed up, it just sucks. I've tried everything, Zyrtec, Advil, Claritin, Mucinex, the sprays, everything. It sucks. On Saturday we did some shopping, which kind of sucks because for me it's almost like going to work. That and the fact that going shopping really isn't fun when you can't afford to buy anything. Oh and for a mall named Metropolis it really sucked. What a let down. Then I ended up leaving my credit card at a store down in Martinsville.

I had to work some things around just to get the days off work and even then they don't leave me alone. They called me all weekend for stupid shit. It's not worth what I'm getting paid, but what can you do, you can't even find work these days. The fuckin' Bears were the one thing that could turn the weekend around...assholes.

Yeah, I'm not in a good mood...can you tell?

I better go private now because I'm annoyed at some of you...for stupid reasons and I'm going to vent now. Seriously? Twilight? Electric Six....grrrrrr...hahaha.

one last thing..


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