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If it ain't one thing..

I just got a call from Mall security that the store wasn't open yet. Yay! I just spoke with Vic through, he's in the lot, they need to relax. I was just outside talking to one of our neighbors, I guess our gate isn't working, I also forgot my debit card at home this morning. It never ends. Anyway he was manually closing the gate and he says "If it ain't one thing it's another".

That's just life, shit's always going to happen, and there's never going to be enough time. It sucks but what are you going to do? I was just continuing my job search and there's nothing in CPS. *sighs*

The snow is beautiful, I just can't enjoy it at the moment. Just like I really couldn't enjoy the Christmas spirit this weekend. Maybe when we get our tree up and the decorations. Ugh, I haven't even had a chance to touch the 360 since God knows when. I haven't drank since Wednesday, where am I supposed to get rid of my stress?! I also remembered that it's my dad's birthday tomorrow so I'll have to pick up something for him. I guess I should get ready for work, who knows how long of a commute I'll have today...

Tags: life, work

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