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I guess I better write a few things down now or else I'll forget about it and never get to it. Let's see, Christmas Eve was spent at the old Noriega house with my p's and the rest of the family. The food was awesome as usual and we had a good turnout. Ricky and Suzy showed up and they brought THE carrot cake. Now, this isn't just any carrot cake, this is the best carrot cake I've ever had. Let me explain, when I was a kid I didn't even like carrot cake, but we always had some at Thanksgiving. This is back before my uncle Greg passed away, we always had Thanksgiving there and this mystical carrot cake was always one of the desserts. Anyway, at some point I had some and I loved it. It was just so damned good, but after my uncle passed away, Thanksgiving changed and somehow the cake was lost. Years have gone by and occasionally we'd have carrot cake or someone would remember and bring it up. It got to the point where people were remembering this magical, amazing cake. Like the episode of How I Met Your Mother where they're looking for that burger joint, long story short, I had some on Christmas Eve and it was as good as I remembered.

What else? The cousins and I played some Guitar Hero World Tour, watched a little Dark Knight on Blu-Ray, (maybe I'm all late about it but man that looks crazy, I guess I'd just never seen it on a big screen with the lights off...holy was so real it gave me a headache) and opened some presents. All in all I got to spend time with the fam and have a nice dinner, it was a good time. I have to get back to work, I'll write about Indiana later...
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