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Cada cosa en su lugar/Everything in its place.

Where do I begin? That's simple enough, at the beginning of course. Cold as hell, as usual, you know what's worse than the cold, I don't mind it as much. I'm used to it as I've said before, what really sucks is having to look like an ass clown! I put on my khakis, t-shirt, then a hoodie, then a freakin parka. Socks, boots, skully, gloves, all this extra crap. It doesn't help when you're running late either, and just outta the shower, it is kind of amusing when my wet hair freezes though. Little did I know that in a couple hours, I'd be wishing for all that gear.

So yeah, I'm running late, no breakfast of course, and everything seems normal. I'm eating fortune cookies which start to make me sick, moreso because of the stupid fortunes I keep getting. I think I even got a few repeats, anyway, just minding my own business when it comes in over the radio. "There's a fire in the bathroom upstairs." People try putting out, others are freakin' out, finally someone pulls the alarm.

Remember it's like ten degrees outside.

So know we have to get 2000 people outside the building, fire trucks are arriving, ambulances, police scrambling. Kids think it's a drill and are pissed off because everyone is outside in pants and t-shirts. Except for the assholes that actually went into their lockers while there was a fire in the building. Then they wonder why the kids are pissed off. They're freezing and you're sitting there in full winter dress. Those are the people that should burn. Anyway I digress, it got out of hand and the students were outside freezing so we had to send them a few blocks down to the Armory. It's run by the Park District so it wasn't a problem, but we had to walk them there.

A couple of idiots got into a fight on the way there and of course the whole school had to watch. It was nuts, but it wasn't over yet. After some time, they finally got the fire out and we got the all-clear. Now we had to get everyone back in. The plan was to get everyone in to get their things, a few hundred at a time, and let them go. Of course that didn't work. We had a mad rush, and then a fight/mini-riot broke out in the auditorium.

It got handled and eventually everyone got in and out. All in all, it was handled pretty well, but I guess we'll see what the aftermath turns out to be tomorrow. I was too busy trying to get people out and then back in, but it kind of freaked me out afterwards. You just never know you know? So, my message for today, and I guess it's been a theme as of late around here, is to tell everyone what you think, and how you feel, while you still have the chance.

Much love everyone, old friends and new, on and off, one and all.

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