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The Inauguration

That's what the cool kids are calling it. It still seems pretty surreal. Even the reporters are screwing up calling him Senator Obama or President-Elect Obama. They keep replaying the footage, obviously, but it's just so cool to see how "Chicago" the whole thing was. Rahm Emmanuel, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sr., Guiterrez, Axelrod, my old boss friggin' Arne Duncan. These are people that I'm used to seeing around town, some are people that either I myself, or my wife have worked with and/or met. It's just kind of crazy. I have to admit I got a bit emotional, it's just such a huge thing, especially for minorities. All of the speeches were excellent. Especially from the preachers and Obama himself, he was direct and was stern, I think he also reassured some people...

"We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you."

The piece by John Williams was pretty good too, the only part that was kind of WTF? was the poem. Yeah....pick up your pencils indeed. The parade was a bit long, but Jesse White and his tumblers were representing. It was also nice to see people all over the country and the world watching. Times Square, Kenya, Alabama. The balls were cool too, they even had a bunch in town, everyone was celebrating. All in all it was quite a historic day, a wonderful day for our country and really for the world. A lot of people think that we've turned a corner, that things will never be the same again. I hope they're right. I hope this is a milestone, a sign of things to come, hopefully a brighter future for all of us.


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Jan. 21st, 2009 07:30 pm (UTC)
Jan. 21st, 2009 06:19 pm (UTC)
Since they made me work MLK, I stayed home and watched it all morning until 12:30. Speaking fo the Senator/President slips. Some guy on ABC News actually said something that sounded like "Predator Obama" by mixing the two. I'm hoping somebody at the Daily Show catches that one...
Jan. 21st, 2009 07:41 pm (UTC)
i really liked this post, Gil.
Jan. 21st, 2009 08:04 pm (UTC)
Thanks :)
Jan. 23rd, 2009 08:53 pm (UTC)
and to think, you didnt even vote.
Jan. 23rd, 2009 10:20 pm (UTC)
Yeah my one vote would've really swayed the results.
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