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I noticed that the anchorman on the news is getting older. His temples are graying, I'm not sure why I made that observation...I mean who notices things like that?

I don't like being reminded of my own mortality. The cold gets to me more and more every winter. I'm slower than I used to be and it's a little bit harder to get up in the morning. I see and notice things that my father used to complain about, I'm becoming an old man and I'm only 32, heh.


The state's unemployment rate has climbed to 7.6%, even worse than the national average of 7.2%. Good times.


Speaking of old men, I saw Gran Torino on Monday and it was amazing. I think it and Clint Eastwood got robbed, along with a few other movies. I don't know why I even bother with the Oscars, a lot of my favorite directors are never in the running and will probably never get one. Who cares? Anyway, I was going to write a entry just about Gran Torino. It's the kind of film that just haunts me. I can't remember the last movie I saw that just...bothered me...made me uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of good stuff out there, but this just...lingers. 21 Grams was like that, maybe Babel did it to me too. Anyway, go see it, I won't get into it...maybe I will write another post. I won't spoil it here.


Let's see...what have I been watching? Friday Night Lights. It's good TV, I was sad to see it go but then a deal with Direct TV brought it back. It's as good as ever. It really makes me miss football though, playing it, coaching it. I never understood why some people enjoy NCAA ball and prefer it to the NFL. You would think that nothing beats watching the best athletes play the sport at the highest level. However, there is just something so awesome about watching it locally. Whether it's your college or your hometown high school. I guess we just never took football as seriously in Chicago as they do elsewhere. When I lived in Indiana it was like a totally different experience. Friday night lights! I wish I could have played in Indiana, Texas or somewhere like that, everyone should experience playing a sport with a crowd full of fans.

24 seems to have promise this season, it's off to a good start. Lie to Me is another show that started off pretty good. I'd love to have that job, I guess it would like a behavioral scientist, but more specifically just the ability to read everyone. I've read about it, it's some real interesting stuff. micro expressions, tells and things of that nature. Comes handy in poker I'm sure. The Clone Wars series has been surprisingly good. I didn't even bother watching the movie, but after enjoying the series, I think I should catch it. Seriously, it's more hardcore than you think, people die, they use the h-word, it's good stuff. Lost, that's another good one, sort of. You know how that show is, it answers as much as it confuses. The special before the season premier was good though, it was a good summary of what has happened so far.


Oh did you guys hear about that high school that beat that other high school in Texas at girl's basketball 100-0? That coach must be such a douche bag, yeah big man you beat a team of girls with learning disabilities 100 to 0. Awesome.


Last but not least, I'm getting very tempted to get back into RPGs. MMORPGS, D&D, whatever. Hopefully I'll just pick up something for the 360 but between watching The Guild, having people send me a D&D app on Facebook, knowning my brother-in-law plays, I'm really tempted. I've never played WOW in my life, I can't start now...


I think that's it, thanks for reading, have a great day!

- Sir Reverend Dr. Gilberto Noriega, Esq.
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