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1. That IS Shirley Manson on the Terminator. I really wish I started watching that show from the get go, it seems too late now. Ditto for Fringe. There's just too much on TV these days...

Dos. We had a leak in our bathroom and we have a contractor in there working on it right now. I feel so useless at times like these. I used to help my day work on our house all of the time growing up. Same thing with the car(s), we never took them to a mechanic or a shop. I don't know, I mean I know I can do a lot of the work, but I can't do it as well. Meaning it's going to LOOK like I did it, not a professional and well, why ruin the whole bathroom (or condo) with my shoddy, shotty, it's shoddy, work. Still though, it makes me feel like a tiny bit less of a man that I don't fix my own leaks or fix the brakes on my car. I should probably find someone to beat up. Heh.

III. Some assholes carved their name into the Bean (Cloud Gate) downtown, it was bound to happen, people are such assholes.

4our. Crap. I swear I had a four, but then I got distracted. ADD much?

Cinq. I've been reading Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid by Dr. Denis Leary and it is awesome. I really need to buy a Kindle. Yeah, that's what I really need....along with a PS3...a Mustang...etc, etc.

Crap, a loud noise just came out of the bathroom...

Anyway, yeah...what I need is a friggin' job.

I'm going to go check on that noise...


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