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This whole DTV thing, the switch over to digital (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're part of the problem) deal, is indicative of everything that's wrong with our country. They've been going on and on about this for years, literally years now, and we STILL have to give people until June now? It was supposed to be the 17th and now they've given everyone until June 12. I know that some people are having trouble getting boxes or whatever, but give me a break. That's why people aren't responsible, there's always an out, a way to cheat *coughs* A-Fraud *coughs*, there's always a "bailout" of some sort.

Hey I'm a senator and I owe the IRS thousands of dollars, but hey that's cool.

We're going to drive our companies into the ground but whatevs, the government will bail us out.

The kids at work were the same way, I don't blame them for not turning their work in, for being late all the time. Hell, there are no real consequences so why not, right?

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