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Chris Brown

So there's a local morning news show that I watch or listen to every morning. Anyway, I'm friends with the host on Facebook. This morning they were talking about Chris Brown and she asked people to comment on her FB. I can't believe how many people are defending him. He's innocent until proven guilty? Some people have beaten themselves up?! We don't know the whole story?! I fuckin' hate people, seriously. I used to think or wonder how people or why people moved to other countries. Fuck, I love this country but there are so, so many morons here that I'm at the point that I might want to move somewhere else. I don't know...incredible. One of the first things I learned in life, that I clearly remember my father teaching me is that there is never ever ever a good reason to hit a woman. Another thing that sucked was all of the cowardly celebs that were so PC about it when it first happened. If they asked me that I would called him a bitch.

I had some other things to write about but I'm too aggro at the moment...*shrugs shoudlers*
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