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FOX Sports on MSN - MMA/Boxing - On the Mark: It was time for Oscar to go

FOX Sports on MSN - MMA/Boxing - On the Mark: It was time for Oscar to go

De La Hoya finally retired today. I guess it was a long time coming, but it is still pretty sad for me, Oscar was/is my favorite boxer. I know he's not the greatest or maybe even the best of our generation but I feel like Chavez, Duran, Sugar Ray, and a lot of the other guys were a little before my time. Of course there's Tyson, and if he wasn't so psycho, he'd probably be my favorite. Watching his first round knock outs will always be a fun memory for me. Just like De La Hoya's, cheering him on against Chavez, (and against the wishes of everyone in my family, lol) and going to one of his press conferences downtown. I'm glad he got out before it was too late and I'm glad he has changed the boxing game. Promoting and everything else that he has going on, he even had that reality show for a minute, I guess it's all good as long he doesn't go back to singing...
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