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I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. It's a beautiful day out, it's Friday and I couldn't care less...*sighs*

I'm not inspired, I've got no energy, I'm just so blah. Local H played last night and I didn't make it out. I was considering going tonight, but I just found out it's a free show and I'd probably have to get there early. It's also up in Milwaukee, which isn't that much of a drive, but it kind of sucks on the way home. Melissa works in the morning so I'd probably be going by myself. We were just talking about it, I used to go to shows by myself all the time, now it just seems a bit sad. Not that I did that, but if I were to do it now...I don't know. When you're young it seems cool to go out and meet new people, now it seems somewhat creepy, heh. Maybe that's what it is, just my age hitting me. *sighs*

I'm not looking forward to starting a new job or going back to school. Local H plays tomorrow too but a good friend of mine is throwing a party Saturday night. A few of us have late March and early April birthdays and the shindig is supposed to be in our honor. I don't even feel like going really. Maybe it was all of the time spent sober. I went out Wednesday and had some drinks and I was I guess I didn't miss it all that much. The only time it bothered me was on my actual birthday and at the Oriole's game, but even then, I had pretzels and the game to keep me occupied. *sighs*

By the way, I really am sighing when I write that, it's not for dramatic effect or anything. *sighs*

Okay, maybe that one was. I'm taking my cousin to get his first tattoo later today, I want to get one and I have a few ideas. I've never gone to the Tattoo Factory with someone and NOT gotten one, but again, I'm just

Even posting this is taking me like a year. What else? I've been meaning to write about the trip and trying to upload the pics all week but I haven't gotten around to it. I've been distracted by family, friends, TV, Xbox, the Internet, Twitter, the Iphone, and paint drying.

I friggin' hate dust. It is everywhere. It's annoying. I also need to shave, soon, or else I'll be a single man. Eh. People really, really annoy me. Really. Some lady blew a stop sign yesterday and almost hit me. I also think I am going to be getting one of those awesome red light camera tickets in the mail. It was raining and I didn't want to slam on the brakes...a moment later the camera flashes. Good times. No point in even fighting them, they cost 100 bucks and it takes like 90 in court fees to try to fight it.

I finally got around to getting that new Local 101 CD. It's basically a ten dollar Local H song. The rest of the CD is pretty brutal. Their new video was also kind of a let down. Yeah it's new, it's funny, whatever. But did they really need months to make that. I bet you a few of us could have banged that out in an afternoon. For serious. The DVD on the other hand looks pretty sweet. We'll see. I want to go tonight, but it's probably not a good idea, with my luck I'll get up there and won't even be able to get in. I really don't feel like making the trip solo either.

I haven't been on MySpace in ages, I had a few messages, and of course, the site crashed on me like twice. MySpace is garbage, I should just leave it altogether. Dishes and laundry are piling up, probably should do something about that. Cubs lost, jerks. Hawks won, awesome.

During the trip we stayed with Melissa's mom for a couple of days and her brother was talking about Magic: the Gathering. (it's a card game) I used to play it non-stop in college and it got me thinking about it again. I dug up my old cards and oddly enough, my cousins had their cards out when I got back from our trip. It was a strange coincidence. Anyway, we're supposed to play for a while tomorrow, I guess that's the one thing I'm somewhat looking forward to. We'll see if it even happens, he might not be in the best mood since his checking account got jacked for $1000. Someone made unauthorized ATM withdrawals. It seems like that's been happening more as of late. People suck.

*yawns* Yeah...okay, anyway, I hope everyone's doing well. Take care and keep reaching for the stars.



PS-I've really got to organize my tags at some point...condense them or something...
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