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Too many damn distractions. Twitter, Facebook, TV, the iPhone, the 360...*shakes head*

Where was I going with this? Wow, the sky just rumbled...crazy. I didn't even realize it was going to start raining tonight, luckily I walked the dogs a little while ago, and it didn't start to rain until I walked in the house. I've had a crappy week, but today was actually a great day. Melissa got out early and we headed to the Northside. We had lunch at America's Dog (see now I got distracted by looking at their website) and dessert at Dairy Queen. We hung out in Oz Park for a while, which was nice, although it did bring me down momentarily to see Lincoln Park's football team out there. It was a bit depressing to see all of the mom's hanging out with their kids in the park. That only last a few moments and WOW lightning just hit somewhere nearby. I expect the dogs to start freaking out...

Anyway, we walked around the park for a while, until we found the Tin Man, Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow and finally the Cowardly Lion. We continued to walk around Lincoln Park for a bit, it was such a nice day today, pretty much perfect weather, at least as far as I'm concerned. 70 degree days and 60 degree nights are the best in my opinion. But I digress, I was going up to Glencoe to hit a few balls at the driving range, I'm supposed to be playing a round of golf with a friend tomorrow and I wanted to get some of the rust off my swing. I actually don't think I've swung a golf club in years, seriously. I'm not a huge fan but my dad and brother are pretty much obsessed. I grew up playing it and I played on my High School team, so I'm not good but I'm not a noob either. It just was never really my favorite sport growing up. So Melissa tagged along with me, but before we made our way to Glencoe, we had to get through the RP.

I'm always raving about Rogers Park, pretty much everyone in my family lives there, (or in West Rogers Park) and it's also where I grew up. I want to eventually move back there. I'd love to be the Alderman someday, heh. On our way through, we went down Howard and saw a bunch of police parked in a lot which was taped off with yellow and red tape. I figured it was a robbery or shooting of some sort, which unfortunately isn't all that uncommon in the area, and we continued on.

After a nice drive up Sheridan and Green Bay Road we arrived at Glencoe Golf Club. My brother works there along with an old friend/co-worker of mine and he hook me up with a couple of baskets. I also borrowed his set of Pings. I am soooo out of shape. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to see that my shots weren't all that bad. Maybe I did retain something from all those years of getting up at 5 in the morning to go golfing at Edgebrook. I just hope I don't screw up too much out on the course tomorrow.

It's storming pretty bad, I can hear Dotty walking around, probably going to hide in the closet.

Melissa even ended up hitting a few balls at the range. We wrapped things up and headed home. Of course on our way back through Rogers Park we ran into some traffic on Ridge. Rush hour was pretty much over, but there was construction and there was also a situation on the Metra rails. I guess someone got hit by the train by the Rogers Park station. There were some people on the tracks and some police vehicles. I don't know if it was an accident or a suicide. I guess they don't really report the suicides for fear of copycats. From what I hear though, there are quite a few of them every year.

We get back south, do a little grocery shopping, and finally get home. All in all, it was a pretty good day, hopefully the start to a good weekend.

I know I've still got to write about our Spring Break trip and there a few other things I want to touch on...but for now I'll bid you all farewell and good night. Oh yeah today was Talk Like Shakespeare today, I did it early on, but it's tougher than you think. It was fun though, alright, I've got to be up early tomorrow. Have a good night everyone.

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