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Everyday in May

Well, it is May, so that means that another "Everyday in May" campaign has begun. Luckily I did one of those question of the day things yesterday, so far, so good. I've still got to write about the trip, although at this point it almost seems unnecessary. Maybe I'll just backdate and go off the notes. Eh..I was supposed to review a few of those places on Yelp too.

God I hate our upstairs neighbor, she's so friggin' loud, grrr...I'm in a bad mood. Very annoyed, damn Bulls, okay I'm all over the place. I got a call last week that I wasn't going to get the new job after all. The board met and decided that they couldn't afford to bring someone else on. So that was fun. What else? We got into a fend...bullshit, it wasn't even a fender bender it was a friggin' bump. We were at a light and it turned green and everyone went, Melissa let go of the brake but the stupid broad in front of us didn't move and we ended up tapping her. There was absol-fucking-lutely no damage on her bumper but she insisted on making a police report. She actually wanted to call 911. Unreal. So that made us late to Alex's Confirmation.

That's a whole other story. How does a confirmation take over an hour and a half? No wonder people don't go to Church. It's soooo boring. Soooo long. The Bishop was rambling about something or other, I think I've heard his same Confirmation speech before. Then he told a story about some family being Catholic for hundreds of thousands of years. ('s 2009 right?) Eh...I don't know, the worse part was that Mullen's was half a block away, heh. Now there's an alarm going off outside...ugh.

I think I had a few other things to write about, but I'm too aggravated to remember at the moment. Let's see, I've been kind of sick that past couple of's doing better, but not great...umm...I don't know...

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