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Everyone's a little happy on Saturdays

I don't know how many of you have picked up on it, I'm going to try to do it a lot more unless circumstances prevent it, bt my subject lines are usually quotes from films. This one's from The Minus Man, but you'll have to figure out most of the time. Another great one is "if you know how to swim, it takes longer to drown." Anyway, I didn't get to write too much yesterday so I shall recap.

Work sucked, we were shorthanded, the snow started coming down, and someone started yet another fire. This one wasn't as large but it caused us to leave the building nonetheless. As luck would have it, I was posted at the front desk yet again when it happened. Freakin' Fridays, but whatta gonna do. In addition to all that, it's been a rough week and Fridays depress me as it is lately. So a co-worker of mine had a little birthday party at Mullen's. She did a good job of weeding out the jerks and everyone there was choice. No negativity, no haters, nothing. So that was pretty good, it was a good mix of people. Got to catch up with some, chill with others, and hang with the boys. We're trying to get something going for the first weekend in February, go up to Wisconsin do a little skiing or snowboarding. (Neither of which I know how to do) Probably just chill in the lodge for the weekend. From New Year's to like the end of March is like birthday season around here, that trip will be yet another person's birthday.

So to make a long story short, I ended up at Mullen's from about 4 to Midnight. A whole day's work of drinking. Wow. There were Long Island Ice Teas, Amaretto Sours, Jack and Cokes, Captain and cokes, shots of Jaime, Hornitos shots, and plenty of beers all around. Suprisingly enough, I was pretty coherent and I am quite functional this morning.

Yesterday sucked sooooo bad, so I guess I needed to unwind. I'm feeling pretty good right now. Not even hungover despite having drank enough last night to get a whole army buzzed. I'm a pro. Had some OJ last night before bed, usually helps a lot. The brisk cold winter air this morning also will wake you the fuck up. I had to move my car this morning because the only parking I could get last night was on a main street/snow route. Had to move it before eight or I'd get a ticket so I ran a couple errands, got a Vanilla Chai, some donuts and coffee for the fam, and here I am. I know it will catch up to me later, most likely the lack of sleep, but we'll ride the second, umm third? maybe fourth wind, until it runs out.

See you guys soon.

Gilly Gil

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