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The Future

It's funny that Mekhi Phifer was on Lie to Me tonight, awesome show by the way, since I'll be touching on the Future theme tonight. (Of course you all know that he played the role of "Future" in 8 Mile right?) Anyway...crap, Stompy McGee is at it again. I came in from walking the dogs and everything was quiet, grrr...where was I?

Scrubs. It's over. Well, in theory, now there's talk that it could be back in one way or another, nonetheless it'll be without Zack Braff. Anyway, it was a great episode, it provided closure of sorts, and well...if you're not a fan this is probably boring the hell out of you. I'll just say that it was probably the best ending I've seen to a series. Wow. The Shield, ER, Prison Break, Scrubs, lots of shows are ending or have already ended.

Everything's quiet again.

Anyway, it ended with J.D.'s visions/hopes for the future. It all stemmed from a patient who could possibly have a disease but deciding not to get tested for it. He said that the knowledge of having the disease would be something he could unlearn. Life would always be different. *sighs* The future, I guess it is nice not to know what lies ahead. Hopes, dreams, goals...I don't's all too much sometimes. It is equally exciting and frightening. I'm rambling.

My eyes are killing me, damn allergies.

So my mom was supposed to have a procedure done on Friday, however she got some bad news about her blood work. They didn't elaborate, but now she has an appointment to see someone at the hospital tomorrow afternoon. I guess she's freaked out because it's a cancer doctor or department or something. It's always something.

I can hear the TV upstairs.

I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.

What'd I do today, had Medici's for dinner, played some Gears with Victor in the afternoon, played some Mario Kart with the Local H crew this evening. I know, it's all just too exciting. The whole friend code exchange had me thinking, I've got to update my links page and make one for my ever growing sh%^list.

Finally, I've come up with what basically is the essence of Gil. It's a whole lot of je ne sais quot, tons of charsima, and a bit of an X factor. I'm all about the intangibles baby.


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