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The Scrubs finale is still lingering with me...I guess one of the reasons I've always loved that show is because I really relate to J.D. in a lot of ways. It upset him to see that his last day wasn't going the way he imagined it would. It got me to thinking and I had a bit of an epiphany.

Why do people expect to make friends at work or at school? I get it, you're around these people for a long time, a large chunk of your week. The thing is, for the most part, you don't CHOOSE these people. They don't choose you. I've found that in my experience, the friends I've had the longest, haven't been school chums or co-workers. It makes sense. You have more in common with people that you choose to associate with. Whether it be due to a nerdy hobby such as blogging, or playing video games, sports, comic books, movies, or even liking a particular band. Isn't there that saying about being able to choose your friends, not your family, heh.

Anyway, yeah this all came to me in the shower this morning. My mind always seems to race in the shower, I think that it's the whole sensory deprivation deal. No distractions or noise, it lets my monkey brain think. Or maybe it just speeds it up...

I was actually in bed already, I got back up just to continue the streak. I actually started this entry in the morning but I had to run so I left it unfinished and private. Would it have counted toward my "Everyday in May"? Technically I did write it this morning, but it didn't feel write. Someone like Geena would accuse me of cheating or something, heh.

Stompy's actually quiet today, too bad the hood rats are outside arguing. Fuckin' crack heads. Remember crack kills...unfortunately it doesn't kill quickly enough sometimes.

On that note.


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