Gil (fenyx) wrote,

Another Day

I'm at the hospital with my mom. They're prepping her for the angiogram and I'm sitting in the huge ass waiting room of the heart center all by my lonesome. Hospitals suck. Usually the first
thing they ask for is your insurance, shouldn't they be asking you how you feel?

Communication is also a problem. My mom's seeing a bunch of different doctors and specialists and we have to keep filling out the same paperwork for all of them. Insurance info, work info, family history, list of meds, allergies, etc. In this day and age you would think that they'd be able to share that info via email or something. Maybe keep a flash drive on each patient. They have barcodes on everything, if it is a privacy issue they can encyrpt the info or password protect it. Or not even use names just numbers.

Ugh now my eyes are bugging me, I swear I'm seeing like a yellow mark on my screen but I can't tell if my screen and/or case is dirty, if it's the light reflecting, or if it's my eyes.

This sucks, my mom doesn't even drink or smoke and she's going through so much. She's only 55 too. I've really got to start taking better care of myself or I'll be going through this crap too, only sooner.

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