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Mother's Day

I love how everyone is about their moms today. I know it is cliche or whatever but everyday should be Mother's Day. Why is she taking the bus to work when you could be picking her up? Why is she doing the dishes? I'm not a perfect son by any means, but somethings are no-brainers. Eh...

Like the guy who doesn't miss church...but slangs rocks during the week.

The guys who donates thousands to charity...but cheats on his wife.

I have to shake this off, 99% of the population is just irritating me. What the hell was up with traffic today, everywhere we went was packed. We didn't even try going out to eat, I'm talking about the streets, the expressways, I know it's a big day and all but didn't anyone else stay in? Heh.

I ran into an old friend this weekend. Found out what the old crew was up to. I just don't get how people just fall into and out of your life. I mean, I can understand how some people do, briefly come in and fall to the wayside. I just don't get the ones that were supposed to be around, y'know?

Eh...I'm not liking the tone of my lastest entries. What did we do today? We hit David's Bridal to get Melissa's dress altered. I can't believe my sister's wedding is only about a month away. We've got a busy month coming up, three graduations, a wedding, and a couple of showers/parties. Our Anniversary is also next month. Time flies. Anyway, then we headed to the ol' Noriega house and hung out with the folks for a while. I played a game of Magic with Johnny and I think we may have Josh hooked as well. After that we headed back south, stopped by Scoops for some ice cream, and caught up on our recorded shows.

Another exciting weekend has come to a close. I've got to get busy finding a job this week. The last two weeks I've either been in the hospital or at doctors with mom. When I wasn't doing that I was busy running errand or caught up doing something else. I should have more time this week. Of course before that I was sure I was starting my new job in May, that didn't work out. So it's back to hitting the bricks.

Alright, I'm outta here...

Hope y'all had a good Mother's Day.

-G Unit

PS - Rex gets bigger and bigger all of the time. He was in a good mood today.
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