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Dogs Suck

Hey Gil, you want to do something? Do you have to be somewhere? Oh wait, first you have to walk the dogs, then give them their Kongs full of peanut butter, then put the radio on so they don't bark all friggin' day. Oh wait let me clean up the mess one of the dogs made all over the living room. Okay that's cool, but now it's raining out, lets go outside where all they'll want to do is come back in. Let me dry the dogs real quick. Wait let me throw out the trash that's filled with the crap that I used to clean up the mess so the house doesn't smell like dog shit all day. Okay. Let's go, but we can't go too far or stay too long because the dogs will need to be walked again soon.

Well, at least they're not cats.
Tags: may, ranting

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